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Medical care for extra E.U. citizens with non valid or expired residence permit

Non UE citizens with non valid or expired residence permit can enjoy the following medical assistance offered by the National Healthcare Service:

- Emergency and primary medical assistance for illness or accidents (that can’t be postponed without serious risks for the patients’ lives or without compromising their future health)

- Prophylactic medical assistance for the protection of individual and social healthcare:

a) protection of pregnancy and motherhood at the same conditions of Italian citizens 

b) protection of children’s healthcare

c) compulsory vaccinations

d) international prophylactic operations

e) prophylaxis, diagnosis, treatment of infectious diseases and of possible centres of infections.

Foreign citizens enjoying the above mentioned medical services are requested to pay the due fee.

The above listed medical services are free for those foreign citizens with insufficient economical resources, except for a minimum amount.

Healthcare treatments and drugs prescriptions will be provided upon presentation of the STP code (Foreign citizen temporarily in Italy)

The STP code has a six-month validity and is released by local health districts (ASL), in occasion of the first medical assistence, upon presentation of a certification of state of poverty.
Data ultimo aggiornamento: 13/10/2009