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Medical care for E.U. citizens


European Union citizens, temporary resident in Italy (less than 3 months)

Citizens from E.U. Country, from a European Economic Area Country and from Switzerland, who stay temporary in Italy (for example as tourist) don’t have to be registered to Italian National Health Service (SSN).
If covered by a national social security scheme, if they need "unforseen medical treatments", can get all the sanitary services provided by Italian law, presenting the “European Health Insurance Card - TEAM" (or a substitutive temporary Certificate).
They can get the benefits for free, except for the payment of a fee ("Ticket").

European Union citizens, regularly resident in Italy (more than 3 months)

Community citizens regularly resident can register to the National Health Service (SSN).
The inscription to the SSN gives them the right to receive, free or with "ticket" payment, the same services as the Italian citizens.
You can register to SSN if:

  • you are a worker (subordinate work or self-employment)
  • you are a worker's relative
  • you are enrolled to the unemployment listing or are attending a training course
  • you have a permanent permit of stay
  • you are holder of one of the following forms: E106, E109, E37, E120, E121, E33
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